Ever changing with the seasons, these beers reflect our brewers inner cravings for whatever period of the year these beers are released in. Sometimes only the hops change, like in our Hop Series IPA. In the end however, they all come, they all go, and they all change.



 Think a beautiful tan head. Think coffee on the nose with hints of chocolate rounding out the roastiness on the palette. Think dark, very dark.

Alc/Vol 5.4%
IBU 35

 Aroma: Coffee, chocolate, roasty

Hops: Northern Brewer, Mosaic

Serving Temperature: 8°C

Serving Glasses: Pint



 Edition 1 – Drink by 01.07.17

The first in our hop IPA series is a collaboration with Barth Haas, showcasing one of our favourite hops from Germany – Mandarina Bavaria, coupled with Tradition, Hersbrucker & Magnum. Expect big tangerine, orange peel and citrus from this one.

Alc/Vol 6.0%
IBU 60

 Aroma: Tangerine, orange peel and citrus

Hops: Mandarina Bavaria, Tradition, Hersbrucker, Magnum

Serving Temperature: 6°C

Serving Glasses: Pint glass, Stein mug



Refreshing, effervescent, cloudy-golden and complex, this is our take on the traditional Wallonian Saison.

All/Vol 5.6%
IBU 27

 Aroma: Orange, banana, yeast, spice

Hops: Fuggles, EK Goldings, Grains of Paradise

Serving Temperature: 6°C

Serving Glasses: Tulip