Saint Hildegard

4.6% ABV - IBU 35

This beer celebrates Saint Hildegard, the first person to describe hops in a scientific manner. During her life, she was a brewer, mystic, prophet, composer, and prolific writer on religion and the natural world. 

Mel’s hop-forward XPA predominately features Yakima Chief Hops’ Pink Boots Blend, consisting of a well-rounded mix of Pacific Northwestern hop varieties including Loral, Mosaic, Simcoe, Sabro, and Glacier. 

A portion of the profits from this beer will be donated to Pink Boots Australia and the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

Aroma: Fruity, Floral ● Hops: Loral, Mosaic, Simcoe, Sabro, Glacier ● Serving Temperature: 4°C ● Serving Glasses: Pint, Stein ● Food Pairing: Sausage, Pizza, Salads, Asian Food ● Cheese Pairing: Camembert, Feta, Aged Cheddar, Triple Cream ● Dessert Pairing: Carrot Cake

Mazen Hajjarlimited