Mik and Justin's USA Roadtrip to CBC - Day 1

On route to LAX.

If in doubt, the floor markings tell you where you are.

After successfully navigating Australian customs and immigration - which involved head Brewer Justin explaining to the customs beagle what 50 kg of hops was and for... Melbourne airport was a disappointing array of cold beers, which was saved when Danial from Coburg Brewing provided a cold Coburg Lager, pre flight.

Qantas, departed on time, however, the beers available, were not worth mentioning, so an aperitif of a bloody mary, was the call for the morning. A cheeky little Annies Lane Shiraz was matched by the on board sommelier,  well perhaps not a sommelier, just the poor hosty who had to deal with rows 70 through 85. The Shiraz certainly matched well with the previously unnamed cut of beef in a succulent and  tasty tomato sauce.

Cue watching Star wars 3 times...

Next... LAX to Boston.

American airlines hit new levels in the skill involved in fitting a lot of large people into a small space! A biscuit and a coffee was all that was on offer too and only got to watch Star Wars twice this leg.

The view from the hotel is cool though.

Brewer in Boston.

Boston itself is such a pretty town, Mik looked and looked but couldn't see Ally McBeal's office anywhere..

Justin, the American on the trip, was the obvious choice to drive a backwards car on the wrong side of the road an he did decide that the windscreen wipers at every turn, were all the signalling required. After their hotel check in, a 3 minute walk for Justin and an 11 minute shuffle/limp/stagger for Mik and his broken back, the two arrived at Stoddard's, one of the leading bars in Boston. 

A light dinner of Pretzels with Ale Gouda Fondue and a bowl of chicken wings, washed down with a couple of local beers, and everyone was ready to end their 32 hour day.

Boston hello, the Hawkers have arrived.