Mik and Justin's USA Roadtrip to CBC - Day 2

The City bottle shop and the guys think they found Atlantis. Wait thats just the first one...

Maine Beer Co. You say they have a beer called lunch?

And Justin is off... He just can't resist the shiny toys at Maine.


Travelling through way too many timezones and international date lines has caught up with the boys... Awake up at 4am, they find themselves facing a two hour wait until breakfast which can only be filled by John Oliver on HBO. The bad news is, breakfast was certainly not worth the wait. Bacon like jerky and hotcakes direct from the griddle.

Trying to beat the notorious Boston traffic, had our two intrepid travellers driving North into New Hampshire to their first stop, a 9am visit to "The City", one of New Hampshire's leading bottle stores.

Mike, the duty manager who was as a happy as a spaniel puppy, walked the guys through the huge range he stocks.

Loads of advice on who, where, and when to visit in the North East. Knowing these two, off course a 4 pack of Pipe Dream for twelve bucks seemed like a good start to the day.

Back on the "95", the decision was made to get off the interstate, and spend the next two hours getting lost along the coast. An amazing array of beautiful little villages, each seemingly the "Home of New England's Lobster Roll".

Maine Brewing Co. Wow! Purpose built with a 60bbl brewhouse, Anne, the marketing and events manager, gave the guys the behind the scenes tour. Meanwhile, Spencer from behind the bar, noticed that Mik looking a little dehydrated and proceeded to sort that issue out in quick time with a beer called "Lunch". Even more "Lunch" was then followed by "Woods & Water" and a sneaky "Major Tom" on nitro.

Justin is off again...

Got to get something for the boys back in Melbourne.

The three state drive, had the boys fading by now... so windows down, music up, traffic congestion, and then finally, Trillium.

A murky dank all Galaxy IIPA seemed the place for Mik to start while Justin, slowly revived with a all Vic Secret IPA. Super friendly staff, particularly Jay, had them parting with hard earned coin, for some tasty cans, to take home for the lads in the brewery to "evaluate".

Note: Trillium has the best music play list ever... Motley Crue, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Huey Lewis, Beastie Boys and Pink Floyd.

A facebook check in by Justin, now has his friends in West Virginia, New Jersey, and Pensylvania requesting he mule some of New Englands finest for them. The Nissan Versa, will certainly not be able to handle all the requests.

Traffic.. damn traffic!

Boston's peak hour starts nice and early.  The trip from Trillium to tonight's hotel was long, probably a little longer, as Mik does not read google maps as well as he thought. Check in, Mik sits on bed... falls asleep. Justin, a little nervous on how best to wake a slumbering angry bald man, resorted to turning up the volume of Family Guy a little each minute, until successfully waking the angry man.

Next a quick trip down the road to Everett for a look at  Nightshift Brewing.

What a fantastic venue! A quick chat to the bar staff and one of the 12 Ryans that works there (they got lucky and met Ryan Fernandez), and the guys got a look behind the scenes, barrels stacked in corners, can filler, a cranky depal, and a familiar looking brewhouse. More than just fantastic beers, it was a real pleasure to chat to the team.

The day has come to a close and jet lag means that bed is calling.

The bar at Night Shift Brewing.

Justin doing Justin things again. Shiny toy attention at Night Shift Brewing....