Mik and Justin's USA Roadtrip to CBC - Day 3

A super early start this morning and the boys are heading back to Trillium.. Not because they needed more delicious beer, but because one of the wonder twins, had left his credit card behind the bar...

Breaking and entering in America, seems to be a risky past time, however, undeterred by the criminal justice system, Justin boldly opened the back door to the brewery, and started wandering around. While, Mik wisely (really thanks to experience more than wisdom) waited in the car park till he accosted a brewer, who happily let him in the side door. After finding Justin inside, the pair learnt that sadly the card was in the safe, and untill the office staff arrived, that's where it was staying.

What to do? Breakfast maybe? 

With the card rescued from Trillium, it was time to venture into the Boston morning peak.

2 hours and 25 miles later, the I-95 opened up, and another three state drive began. This time, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and into the craft beer mecca that is Vermont. 4.5 hours later and our pair arrived at the hallowed grounds of The Alchemist. Tasting Heady Topper, at the brewery, will forever be a "beer" highlight for life. Heeding the bosses call "to bring home lots of beer" justin was up to the task.

Beer bucket list... Tick one.

What nice tanks you have there.

What nice tanks you have there.

Justin's taking care of Mazen.

Justin's taking care of Mazen.

The Nissan Versa, seems to now ride fairly low at the back.

After soaking in, the stunning brewhouse, a quick visit to Stowe Beveridge, a fairly small, overloaded store, with craft beer from around the world. As luck would have it (or perhaps some judicious planning by Justin) they had just received there allocation of Lawsons Finest Liquids "Sip of Sunshine".

Another couple of cans for the car boot.

Feeling weary, and in need of a quiet beer, Mik suggested, a light snack at Idylethyme's Brewhouse. Great banter with the staff, and watching the brewer shovel mash.

Three of the top ranked craft bars in Vermont are all within 200 meters of tonights lodgings, pretty handy for the boys.

What? Reservoir? Hell yes.


The Reservoir - where else would two guys from Reservoir, Melbourne start there night. A beer named "Edward" - Hill Farmstead was where Mik started, Justin hit the Lawsons Finest Supersession #8. More beers ensued, with the boys giving the crew a couple of bottles of Hawkers Finest. Our first US tap point if we ever export to the USA, Mik determined and to make the point he branded the bar.

Across the road, keeping things easy for the half crippled sales guy, Black Back Pub provided a couple more beers, before bedtime and getting ready for tomorrow with a multi-state drive ending in West Virginia.