Mik and Justin's USA Roadtrip to CBC - Day 4

Full on a Wednesday 20 min after opening.

Beer pilgrimage complete.

Amazing backdrop.

The venue and brewery live up to the hype and more...

The longest of days, hence the tardiness of this update.

A leisurely 8am start to the day, with the boys feeling a strange dry mouth, hint of fried chicken, and a fuzzy head, that can only come from the hospitality shown by the good people of Waterbury.

Jim and Kim, their hosts at The Old Stagecoach Inn, ensured a good breakfast and copious coffee and juice.

Sam at The Craft Beer Cellar, Waterbury (one of the best bottle stores Mik and Justin had ever seen) had agreed to open the store early, so they could stock up some more. An hours drive through the still snow covered mountains of Vermont, partially on mud roads saw them achieving the great pilgrimage to Hill Farmstead.

First to the store, Justin, reminiscent of a fat kid at the buffet, started placing the orders. Mik with a spanner, tried futilly to adjust the rear suspension on the Nissan Versa.

Then, the bar. Wow! Just Wow. 

Blown away by the space, they carefully considered the list, as its a two beer maximum.

The four beers were all faultless, Mik was particularly taken by a 3.8% Nitro Stout.

Incredible to see a venue, on top of a snowy, muddy hill, full, inn a Wednesday just twenty minutes after opening. Every person in the building had the same look of almost religious awe.

More beer please.

3 am West Virginia pose.

Sadly though, the road called. One would think that the two three state drives over the two previous days, would have prepared them for the six state crossing day ahead. 


Vermont's stunning scenery flew by, then across the Empire state, New York. Arriving in New Jersey at 8.30pm, Jarred welcomed them to one of the world's great Man Caves.

Beer on tap, large Vintec full of rarities, Barrels, home brew kit and more.

Shady beer mule shenanigans, as school boy friends, Justin and Jarred  swapped beer for cash, beer for beer, and reminesied over High school and College antics.

Mik, old and tired, sat thoughtfully in the corner drinking an IPA and Lawson's Finest Triple Maple.

Back in the trusty Versa, Justin powered through the night, while Mik managed to sleep through Pennsylvania.

A happy snap, at the "Welcome to West Virginia" at a chilly 3am... and a bed was near.

A warm 4 am welcome at Justin's sister Caitlin's house.. then blessed sleep.