Mik and Justin's USA Roadtrip to CBC - Day 5

Take me home, country roads...

A well earned sleep after the epic journey, had Justin and Mik feeling slightly more human.

Caitlin, (Justin's wonderful sister) sorted them with mortgage busting smashed avocado bagel. Nothing like some family love to bring you back to life. A bit of time was spent with Justin's family, a quiet IPA in the sun drenched back yard, some play time with West Virginia's cutest baby (Justin's niece) and then it was time to get back on the highway.

The trusty little Nissan Versa, had its moment of shame, as alarms started and tyre pressure lights flashed.... we kept driving for twenty miles before, tiring of the lights and noise, paid the buck fifty at the 7/11 to inflate all the (still full) tyres.

A drive down memory lane for Justin had the boys tracing his childhood footsteps from home to school and the the local Brew Pub, The Net. Welcomed warmly, and then stunned by catching up with a high school buddy it's always nice to grab a pint at your real hometown local.

True local.

More memories.

Same message around the world.

A few more miles down, and the two entered Ohio.

Jackie O's.

Bam, theres a beer garden for you, full of shiny happy people enjoying Ohio's finest.

An introduction to the crew, and we too, were enjoying the hospitality. The Wood Burner, a Bourbon Barrel aged Smoked Imperial Stout, was Justin's highlight.

A view for sore eyes.

Details matter.

Simply stunning beers.

Worth having a few.

Then another night drive, this time with Mik doing the driving. Wrong side of the road? How about wrong side of the car... all confusing, but provided some comic relief.

Arrival in Kentucky and it's night time already. Can't tell you what its like, but if you stay at the Econo-Lodge, check the fridge, the last guest may have left you half a pizza.

Tomorrow, something very very special a collab brew with???