Mik and Justin's USA Roadtrip to CBC - Day 6

Day 6 of this epic trek to Nashville happened and it was called - Against The Grain Brewery.

Time for an epic collab brew that took a year to organise.

We are finally here.

The beer is just as good.

No need to say more...

The Against The Grain brewhouse is situated on the corner of the Louisville Sluggers Ball Park, in downtown Kentucky.

Amelia, the brewpub head brewer, took the guys through the three level brewhouse. Accessed by steep stairs and ladders this tight working space, with a 15bbl brewhouse has everything in place to create the tasty award winning beers this Kentucky brewery is famous for.

Brewing an Australian/New Zealand IIPA, Justin, Amelia and her assistant brewer started the brew, with Mik, constantly in the way taking photos.

Great Western Pale malt, Wheat, Munich malt was the base for this beer and Justin took a trip back to his early brew days, having to stir the mash by hand, no automation here...

Amelia showing Justin around.

Some tight space.

Southern invasion.

And so it begins.

Lunch was the largest platter either Mik or Justin had seen, consisting of smoked brisket, turkey, sausage, pork belly with a plethora of sides and sauces washed down with samples of current draught beers. 

Aggressively hopped with Nelson Sauvin, Galaxy and Vic Secret, with kettle and whirlpool additions, and eventually in the dry hop too, this beer was smelling fantastic as the boys left the brewhouse.

With brewhouse Head Brewer Amelia nursing a broken wrist, and Mik still half crippled, it was Justin and the assistant's job to shovel out the tun by hand and send the bins down three stories, to eventually be picked up by a local hog farmer.

A few miles drive, with Amelia telling us the history of the area, the guys arrived at Against The Grain's production facility. A system similar size to ours at Hawkers and a fantastic barrel program greeted the boys, who were then treated to a tour by the very proud brewers.

Just happy to be here.

Great barrel program.

Brewers rest.

Sitting with the brewers and joined by founder and brewer, Jerry, stories were swapped about the trials and tribulations of modern brewery operations. These conversations were punctuated with yet more beers from there core range and a couple of sneaky tastes of some there experimental beers.

Mik and Justin then decided a few more beers may be required after the days hard work, so back to Slugger Field and the brewhouse. More conversations, laughs and new friends made.

Then weary, tired and emotional, the guys said farewell and returned to the welcoming comfort of the Econo Lodge.