Mik and Justin's USA Roadtrip to CBC - Day 7/8/9

Day 7, a day off...

A long sleep in, before catching up on our blog...

Talking about the adventure so far, the guys did a state visited count..

California, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana...

Following in the footsteps of the Louisville Marathon, Mik and Justin headed for brunch, now technically Brunch would be pre midday, but they thought 2pm for Biscuits and gravy, chicken fried steak, and home fries was appropriate.

Follow me. I know where we are going.

Yes please.

Mik's Mint Julep

What to do on a day off? They went with their first thought and headed back to yesterday's crime scene... Against the Grain Brewery.

A beer with the crew from yesterday before picking up the trusty Nissan Versa, which had a sleep over at Slugger field.

With the new Avengers film on offer, the guys traveled to the nearest cinema... all sessions sold out, so they decided to cross the border, into Indiana to find a couple of seats. 

2.5 hours later they could spoil the film by telling you how everyone died, but as they are considerate they won't.

Back to the hotel, phone calls home to loved ones.

Now plans are afoot to find a Mint Julep and and a bourbon... you know, when in Kentucky...

Day 8 in Kentucky, another beautiful spring day. Not sure why the guys brought warm coats.

Morning spent sightseeing the old town and waterfront.

Then lunch... The largest sub Mik had ever seen. Roast Beef, Provolone, lettuce Tomato and mayo, this sandwich was never going to be eaten in one sitting. 

Then, like the anguished breakup of Simon and Garfunkle, Mik took Justin to the airport.

Sad farewells, excess baggage and extra bags paid for, Justin was off on a grueling cross country flight via Dallas to get the LAX to Melbourne plane to reunite with his pregnant wife and Brewery, (both will welcome him home).

Ohio River.

Got to get on a plane.

Time for CBC.

Now came the tricky part for Mik. Cars with steering wheels on the wrong side coupled with driving in the wrong direction. A slightly stressful trip in the trusty Nissan - and good practice for the next leg to Nashville.

Afternoon spent was wandering downtown Louisville, before returning to the Econo Lodge for a dinner of left over sub sandwich.

Lights out early ready for tomorrow's the final leg to Nashville.

It has been a blast with eye opening beers and breweries. Met great people along the road and brewed our collab IIPA with the legends Against the Grain. Time to get dow to business ad see what this Craft Brewers Conference has to offer. 

Mik and Justin out.