Time For Denver And A Road Trip To Boulder

April 11, 2019

7th April

Another mystery box breakfast in the apartment, then the scramble to over fill bags with beer, clothes, Vermont Coffee and a few more beers.

Mr McArthur’s navigational skills eventually got us to Boston’s Logan Airport.

The check in team at United, watched amusedly as all our bags were weighed, and all failed.

A cheeky beer or two to lighten the load, so very slightly, a bit of redistribution, and eventually (after money changed hands) we were checked in.

Boarding the flight to Denver, we remarked yet again, on the incredible generosity of the brewing industry, and how lucky we had been over the last week.

Sharing our combined learnings, banter and a few shandy’s with the people we met along the way, was an exceptionally humbling and educational time.

Denver International Airport rolled out the welcome mat, and spilt Mazen’s bag along the carousel (We had forgotten our prayers to St Bartholomew).

All bags had been opened by TSA officials, we can only wonder what they thought of so many rare, elusive beers, packed in amongst the clothes.

New Airbnb explored, bedrooms allocated Mik and Hamish, quite pleased with their dungeonesque basement. It was time to head into the downtown of Mile High City.

Falling Rock Tap House, one of the original craft bars of the city with over twenty years of pouring great beer. Located on Blake St, right next to Coors Stadium, home of the “Rockies” MLB team (who didn’t have as good a night as us).

75 taps of deliciousness greeted us. Pliny the Elder, getting the teams thumbs up.

After a week’s separation, “Captain Package” joined us. 

James, who heads up our pack crew, had made it to Denver a few days earlier, and had enjoyed some of Colorado’s hospitality. Casey Brewing and Blending in Glenwood Springs being Jimmy’s pick.

Home… Lights out upstairs and in the dungeon.

8th April

A fairly early start, into an Uber, and west along the interstate. Our driver, like so many of her compatriots, knowledgeable about beer styles and tastes. Her knowledge of the local beer scene was evident.

Incredible views of the surrounding snowcapped Rockies flashed by during the 45 minute trip. They probably flashed by 10 miles faster than they should have as it seems speed limits are optional.

Avery Brewing

Arriving at 4910 Nautilus Ct N. Boulder, Colorado 80301

Earlier than Adam Avery, founder of Avery Brewing Co was expecting, we explored this amazing brewery on our own, looking over catwalks at the day to day operations of a large brewery.

Meeting over, Adam got on the bar and poured some samples of this finest. 

Once again, another exceptionally generous brewer. Talking us through the 25 year history of the brewery and the beers that have made it an industry leader. Him and Mazen reminisced about the old days and how they have grown since the last saw each other.

Before Adam had to head to his next meeting, he Introduced us to Andy Parker, a 16 year veteran of Avery, who has done most things, but now heads up the Avery barrel program.

His job title is “Chief Barrel Herder” almost as good as Mik’s “Chief Consumption Officer”.

Andy took us right through the brewhouse, cellars, packaging and barrel room, patiently answering our questions, introducing us to other key members of staff, and when in the appropriate areas, keeping our glasses charged.

Finishing up, in the yet to open to the public bar, we did our best to sample a large range of the thirty beers on tap.

Spending time with Adam, Andy, Cary, and other members of the team was an exceptionally pleasurable, educational time, with more than a few laughs thrown in.

Thanks Adam & Andy

Mi Casa Su Casa.

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