At Hawkers, we love trying to save the planet, one cold beer at a time.

Sometimes the simple things we do, can have a massive impact.

We reduced our electrical consumption by swapping old, incandescent light bulbs with highly efficient LEDs. Our skylights and large windows increased the amount of natural light, keeping the lights turned off until the night shift rolls in.

We installed the largest solar array on a brewery in metropolitan Melbourne, a big claim, but if there’s a bigger one out there, well done for helping our environment!

Farmers John and Dave take away our spent grain to feed their hungry Angus herds. This beer-brewing byproduct is usually dumped by many breweries, but instead, Hawkers spent grain is providing a no-cost nourishment to happy healthy (and tasty) cows in a true win-win for everyone.

A clean brewery is of utmost importance, in our clean-in-place procedures, we recycle and reuse our water. With Australia, always just around the corner from another drought, having these systems in place allows us to consume less.

95% of our rubbish is recycled and we hope to make that 100%.

The path to sustainability may not be easy but we are committed to give it our best.