Keen to stock Hawkers? Let's go! 

We think that our beers are among the best in Australia, and we’re always enthused at the prospect of working and collaborating with new venues and outlets to share the love as far and wide as we can. We are, first and foremost, all about the beer.

Our aim is to make our pricing structure as clear and transparent as we can, and if you have any questions just get in touch with us through your rep or via the contact information at the bottom of the page and we’ll be more than happy to answer them. 
Simplicity is best!
In effort to streamline the flow of day to day operations and make things a great deal easier for all involved, we offer incentive to our customers who opt to use our Ezidebit payment system. 

Ezidebit is Australia’s leading provider of outsourced payment solutions (a division of Global Payments - Headquartered in Atlanta with more than 10,000 employees worldwide, Global Payments is a member of the S&P 500 with customers and partners in 30 countries). They help thousands of Australian businesses to automatically process payments by Direct Debit, BPAY and eCommerce and have the world’s highest payment security accreditation – PCI Level 1. Read more about Ezidebit at

Ezidebit payment terms are 7 days from the date of delivery, and there are a number of advantages to this system!

1. Administration? Who needs it? Payments are automatically withdrawn on the invoice due date. This means that you don’t need to remember to pay manually—and that’s one less invoice to stay on top of.

2. Customers who enrol in Ezidebit payments enjoy a standing, upfront price incentive applied to every invoice.

3. Naturally, payments are completely secure.

Not keen on Ezidebit? No worries. Hawkers payment terms are in line with the beer industry standard at 14 days from invoice date. We can accept payments through EFT or Credit Card (unfortunately, no cash or cheques can be accepted!). Please note that payments made with credit card will incur additional bank charges.

To get Hawkers Beer in your fridges, fill out the online credit application via the button below to get the ball rolling!

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(Alternatively, our online credit application can also be accessed here):

Kindly note that account application times vary and may take up to 7 working days. One of our Hawkers team members will contact you once we process your application.