Steph Likes a Party

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9.5% ABV

Tom got more friends and so Steph is throwing a party! In fact, Tom doubled his friends so we thought, why not make a big, mighty double Tom Needs More Friends, for Steph’s party. We also invited US brewery Bale Breakers to join the party. This double IPA is a party in a can, reliving everything that Tom was and more with Experimental hop 692 making its encore appearance, bigger booze and a rich, full body. OK Steph, alright Bale Breakers, let’s party!!

Aroma: Fruity
Hops/Additions: HBC692
Serving Temperature: 4°C
Food Pairing: Vindaloo Chicken, Carne Asada Taco
Cheese Pairing: Sharp Blue, Triple Cream
Dessert Pairing: Pavlova


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