We would love to share our beer with everyone, but we simply can not. We do get many requests so please bear with us as we process your request. Please bear in mind that to make the process manageable for everyone, only requests received here will be considered.

Donation requests will be not be considered if your requests are received less than 14 days prior to the event, they will not qualify. We strongly suggest you do not wait to apply as the later you do, the bigger risk you have of our monthly quota being used up. We’re not really into getting our logo onto a projector screen, we want to create partnerships that allow us to add value to the them, to us, and to those attending.

Since we are in the business of making alcohol, we carefully consider donations or discounts of beer to any agency, organization and/or fund raising events that directly benefit, and are related to children. Our intention is to refrain from the appearance that we are advertising our company and products to anyone under the legal drinking age.

We do not usually donate to Athletes/sports teams. Aside from a few local teams, we generally pass on these requests in fairness to the many.

Donation requests must fit within our monthly budget. If we have already hit our budget for the month in which you place your request then, unfortunately, we will not be able to work with you that time around. You have our apologies.