Hazy Double IPA + Saturation Point DOUBLE RELEASE

Hazy Double IPA + Saturation Point DOUBLE RELEASE

2x spanking new Limited Releases with which to treat your tastebuds.
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The word 'Double' is likely one of the most collectively used words around the brewery these days, largely in reference to beer (occasional use might refer to something non-beer-related, but those instances are irrelevant).
Similar to how our Double West Coast IPA is quite literally an amped-up version of our classic West Coast IPA, this too, is a story of taking something very good and making it very-y gooder. Next in the lineage of that logic is the Double Hazy IPA, and it's assumed we won't need to elaborate on which of our core beers is the parent, based on its wildly creative name.

9% ABV
Our year-round Hazy IPA has gotten the ol' double treatment, popping out a 9% version of its original self into a massive juice-bomb contained within a 440mL vessel. Hopped with Mosaic, Motueka, Citra, Galaxy, it's got all the flavours of the original, just more of them.

Hopped until it can't be hopped anymore.

We've given her all she's got, cap'n. Using fancy new-aged sciency hops, we've jammed hops into every conceivable crevice of Saturation Point, and did it without dragging in the bad astringency juju that usually accompanies this much hop content. In collaboration with NZ's Altitude Brewing, Saturation Point is a deep dive in High-Density Hop Charge brewing methods that pack in all the best bits that hops have to offer.

7% ABV / HDHC Hazy IPA
Collaboration with Altitude Brewing
For the Carwyn Cellars x Beer Jerk Trans-Tasman Collaborational, we paired up with Queenstown-based Altitude Brewing to find out just how much hopsy-ness you can put in a beer. While the question is mostly rhetorical, the answer is something like 'a metric **** tonne.' Using a lineup of HPA hops including Mosaic Incognito, Citra Incognito, Mosaic Lupomax, Citra Lupomax, Galaxy T90, and Spectrum Citra, it's a full sensory experience. Bring ya lab coat, it's about to get sciency in here.


Release Date: 30 Aug, 2022