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It's Back

Although parents usually reserve a special place in their heart for their first born (in our case our Pale Ale was our first born), but every so often they fall really in love with one of their other children. Our West Coast IPA, from the day it was conceived, was designed around everything the team loves. It’s got a lean malt bill, like a West Coast IPA should. It’s hoppy (and I mean HOPPY!), like a West Coast IPA should be. It’s got none of that East Coast haze, like a West Coast IPA should. And boy is it drinkable!

Embracing all that we love about this style, our West Coast IPA over-delivers on drinkability. It’s fresh fruity and pine aromatics coupled with an extra ABV kick, pack a delicious flavour punch.

We love our West Coast IPA and it is back! This is the same beer that won the Trophy for Best IPA at the Australian International Beer Awards this year and now available in our new packaging. This is the same beer we love to drink!

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