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Saint Hildegard

We've freshly dropped the third release of Saint Hildegard—every release of the beer is a different style and recipe, developed and brewed by women in the Hawkers team. We're stoked to have had Jules from our production team head up this project, and she's written a bit about the beer and the story behind Saint Hildegard below.
Being early in my brewing career, I jumped at the chance to be involved in the creation of Hawkers’ third iteration of Saint Hildegard. The beer is named in tribute to Saint Hildegard von Bingen, the unofficial patron saint of brewing, having penned the earliest known writings on the scientific qualities of hops back in the 12th century.
I was excited to take the reins from our previous lab tech Mel and select an Imperial West Coast IPA. The beer incorporates the Pink Boots hop blend, with the addition of Simcoe, Citra Cryo and Sabro Cryo hops to lift the tropical notes of the blend.  
Pink Boots Society empowers and supports women in fermentable industries, so to celebrate women in beer called for something big and bold. This beer has that in both flavour and ABV, as well as the 440ml size. The end result is delicious, memorable and very easy drinking.
 I am very excited to share Saint Hildegard and to continue learning and working with those that support women in the industry.
Saint Hildegard von Bingen was highly prolific, to say the least. For a time that it was rare for women to be recognised or given the means for academia, she was truly a shining star of her time onward. In addition to being the unofficial patron saint of brewing, she is the official patron saint of musicians and writers, having been an Abbess, writer of music, poetry, science and religion among other things.
We're happy to say that the Saint Hildegard series is an ongoing project, so v.3 is by no means the last you'll see of her. In the meantime, don't miss out on the fresh, bright, and spicy Imperial Rye West Coast currently in fridges [hopefully] near you.
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