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Women Don't Drink Beer!

Women don't drink beer. And if they do, it's going to be something light, possibly fruity, and certainly not full of hops.

As soon as the opportunity for a Pink Boots brew day came up, I knew exactly the type of beer I wanted to create. Smashing cliches and preconceptions, Saint Hildegard is a hopalicious XPA featuring Oregon specialist malt and the Pink Boots Hop Blend.

So many inspirational women in beer…


Dressing for the occasion.


Named for the nun, herbalist, mystic and and prolific writer Hildegard von Bingen, whose writings include the earliest known reference to using hops in beer. Proving that the myth that women don't enjoy hops is almost as old as beer itself.

The day started off as a sea of hot pink high vis (the way all days should start in my opinion) and an inspiring assembly of women from all the corners of the beer industry.

First off the ranks was a Hawkers QA sensory session ("because tasting beer should be boring and numbers based" as I was quoted saying on the day) then a hop chat with the expert Kelly Lohrmeyer from Yakima Chief Hops. 

Kelly Tretter (of New Belgium Brewing) and Amelia Pillow (of Against the Grain) initiated an awe-inspiring back and forth about the wonders of microbiology and specialist beer ageing, which was the most appropriate setting for delicious barrel aged beverages.

Following the theme.


As someone only 6 months in to the industry, it was mildly surreal but very exciting to have so many experienced and impressive women compliment myself and Hawkers for a fantastic brew day.

Thanks again to Pink Boots, Yakima Chief Hops and Cryer Malt for bringing together a fantastic day. Look forward to cracking a cold St Hildegard with you all!


Lab genius, sensory guru and general awesome brewer.

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