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One Brewery - One Day - Amazing Again

6th April

A bit of a later start for the three lads.

A Mik cooked breakfast in the Dorchester Airbnb, before the daily bickering banter of navigation versus driving in the Nissan.

Starbucks coffee from the interstate drive through, with Mazen questioned about “where he’s really from” (for those of you reading along at home, you probably know the answer is MACS0647-JD; google it if you’re not sure.)

Exit 10 off the highway brings you right out at The Treehouse Brewing Co.

Directed to park at the bottom of the hill, we rejected the kind offer of the shuttle bus and proceeded to walk up the hill of this 100-acre site.

Long lines, already forming for take away sales, a couple of food trucks, and a welcoming entrance marked “Pints”.

Something must be worth queuing for…


It’s Treehouse!


Some confusion over I.D. requirements (we left our passports back at the Airbnb) meant that management was called...

Management turned out to be the delightful Lauren, known in the brewery as the “Retail Queen” (who has hand filled over 100,000 growlers).

Lauren sorted us out with entry and some complimentary beer tokens, told us to join the line, and ask for the bartender named Nate.

Apart from being a pretty handy bartender, Nate is the co-owner, founder and head brewer of Tree house, and happens to be married to Lauren.

Nate took time away from the 200+ line of people to pour some of his amazing beers, and tour us through the facility.

A four vessel 60 Barrel brew house. The 60 Barrel facility has future proofed (after 3 moves) to have annual capacity of 125,000 barrels, or nearly 3.9 million gallons of beer. Currently, the brewers are working with six 240-barrel fermenters along with 11 60-barrel and four 120-barrel tanks.

Nate the bartender.


Stunning space!

Treehouse Brewing Co, had an incredible range of beers available, having to choose from a list that contained Julius,Green , Bright w/ Galaxy,Super Sap, Haze, BearHint Of Coffee, Curiosity 61,AAAlterrr Ego, Nervous Energy, I Have Promises To Keep, In Perpetuity, Eureka w/ Citra, Alter Ego, SSSappp, Super Sap Peach, Super Sap Guava, Treat Guava, Treat,Super Typhoon, Abstraction, Indulgence, That’s What She SaidMarshmallow, Hold On To Sunshine,Moment Of Clarity,Extra Maple Moment Of Clarity,Extra Maple & Chocolate Truffle Moment Of Clarity, Double Shot, Double Shot Espresso Chocolate Truffle, Somewhere Something Incredible Is Waiting To Be Known, Double Shot Ethiopia

Is not an easy task. The above named beers run the gamut of hazy IPAs, session IPA’s, Stouts, Milk Stouts, Golden Ales, IIPAs, and Pilsners.

Luckily, Nate sorted us, and we enjoyed some of his favourites.

Bidding Nate farewell, we line jumped to the takeaway area. Over looking the packaging line, this hall was filled with people. Some had trolleys, Eskys, and even a wheelbarrow to take home beer that is only available here.

Another level of generosity and sharing by Nate.


Tree House has a no distribution model, selling over 50,000 barrels (a weird American measurement) out of this venue only.

Retail Queen Lauren sorted us with a couple of cases for the brewery crew back in Ressa, if baggage handlers, Mik, Hamish and Jimmy don’t get to them first.

Our last night in Boston was filled with discussion over what these amazing brewers of New England are achieving, with totally different business models than Australian breweries, and a lobster.

Tomorrow, Denver. Not John. The mile-high city

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