Trio of Dips - A Story of International Terroir - Experimental Series #3

Trio of Dips - A Story of International Terroir - Experimental Series #3

Explore the nuances of Cascade hops grown in 3 different counties around the world and how the local terroir, distance and time have shaped the profiles of one the craft beer world's most beloved and original hops.
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In the next instalment of our Experimental Series, we’ve investigated the impact of terroir, internationally. As with ‘Sheer Terroir’ and ‘Fashionably Punctual’, we're delving into the tangible effect that terroir has on the final beer; specifically, in this case, on the hops.

We've brewed up a batch of West Coast IPA and split it 3 ways, dry-hopping each with Cascade hops that have been grown in 3 different countries around the world. As a matter of fact, each of these three countries are on different continents, ensuring a vast distance between the farm locations. ‘Trio of Dips’ is a 3-part foray into Cascade; grown in New Zealand, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

It goes without saying that each of these farms will experience notably different climates and conditions, not to mention soil and seasons. On top of that, how does distance and isolation play a role in the development of a hop over time? Does the plant make subtle adaptations to better suit the local conditions? Could that fundamentally change the character of the hop?

Trio of Dips - United States
Yakima Chief Hops | Yakima Valley, Washington, USA
Lot P92-HUCAS2069
Alpha Acids: 6.1%
Beta Acids: 7.2%
Shinn & Sons, Inc
Black Star Ranch, LLC

Trio of Dips - New Zealand
Clayton Hops | Tasman Region, South Island, NZ
Alpha acids: 6.78%
Beta acids: 4.37%
Farm: Korere Hop Farm | Korere, NZ

Trio of Dips - United Kingdom
Charles Faram Farms / West Midlands, UK
Batch: CAUT905\T90220455
Alpha Acids: 3.9%
Townend Hop Farm | Ledbury, Herefordshire

Our Experimental Series is an ongoing exploration that aims to educate both ourselves and Hawkers drinkers on the variances that can manifest in a beer with even the most minuscule of changes, highlighting just how much aspects such as weather, climate, and terroir can have on the final product.

‘Trio of Dips’ will certainly not be the last of these, so keep your eyes open for further experimental releases in the future!