Using a science-based, completely infallible, rigourous interpolation of data based on the answers you've given, we've calculated your beersonality:

The Straightshooter

You’re a down-to-earth person of integrity, and you’re loyal to a fault. You’ll stand by your favourite team even when they’re losing, and you’ll stand by your mates no matter what. You stick to your guns, and people respect you for it.

When it comes to beer, you know what you like. You don’t need a fancy new beer every week. You just want damn good tasty beer that you can rely on every time. Beer doesn’t have to be complicated.

But if it’s fresh, fiercely independent, and uses high quality ingredients - hey, that’s a bonus.


International IPA Day 'Boss Fight' 2024

International IPA Day 'Boss Fight' 2024

3 Beers. 20 Venues. 1 Epic IPA Day. Mark your calendars and get ready to join the BOSS FIGHT on Thursday 1st August.⁠ Can you conquer all three Bosses?! This IPA Day, Hawkers are throwing down a...
Review: Neapolitan Bonaparte

Review: Neapolitan Bonaparte

The Crafty Pint | 18 July 2024 The country's foremost devotees of white stouts have served up a bourbon barrel-aged mix of the beer served three ways. To kick things off, let's go with the first sl...
Hawkers Four Seasons Winter, Witching Hour & Imperial Stout 2024

Review: Four Seasons Winter, Witching Hour & Imperial Stout 2024

The Crafty Pint | 10 July 2024 The Hawkers Four Seasons series is one of the more unique trips through the calendar you’ll find in the local beer world. The annual project sees them brew four diffe...

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